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About Us Punk Pet Apparel Team 

The Story of Punk Pet Apparel...

Husband and wife duo Adam and Jennifer have always dreamed of running a business that would allow them to give back to the animal rescuing community. Adam and Jennifer met in 2018 because of their mutual love of music. At the time that they met, Jennifer had 2 senior dogs named Bruiser and Kip who both had special needs based on their age.

Adam quickly jumped into his role as Super Dog Dad and worked along with Jennifer to ensure that Bruiser and Kip had the most comfortable life into their golden years. Unfortunately, Bruiser and Kip passed leaving a giant hole in Adam and Jennifer's hearts but they quickly decided to dedicate the rest of their lives to rescuing senior and special needs dogs who are often overlooked at local rescues.

In 2019 and 2020 they rescued Precious and Margie, two seniors who were saved from an abusive dog hoarding household in Toronto and Hank Casserole a little shih-tzu who was born blind and discarded and left for dead at a puppy mill in Texas because they could not profit from him.

Combining their love of rescue dogs and music, Adam and Jennifer decided to create a line of pet apparel to sell online so that they could not only raise money for dog rescues, but also to start building a foundation for starting their own dog rescue in Ontario. This is how Punk Pet Apparel began.

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About Us - Punk Pet Apparel - Adam

ADAM, Owner & Chief Pupperations Officer

Combining his love for music and dogs, Adam along with his wife Jennifer lead the Punk Pet Apparel team in all of their efforts. Adam's love of organizing things in the most logical way make him an integral part of the PPA operations team. When he isn't making things work smoothly here, he can be found snuggling his fur babies and listening to music across various genres...but mostly from the 70s - 90s.



About Us - Punk Pet Apparel -  Jennifer

JENNIFER, Owner and Chief Barketing Officer

Jennifer has been rescuing dogs since 2002 and combines her passion for helping dogs with over 20 years of marketing experience. It has been her long time dream to create a business that allows her to provide funds and care for animals who have been abused, discarded or have medical issues or special needs. She loves to match families and seniors up with rescue dogs to make their families complete


 About Us - Punk Pet Apparel - Precious

PRECIOUS P, Top Dawg of Loss Pawvention

Also known as Peeshy P or "The Sauce Boss", Precious leads our loss prevention efforts with her strong but beautiful pawsonality. When she's not making sure no one is stealing our Punk Pet Apparel inventory, she can be found napping and rolling onto her back for belly rubs. Precious was rescued from a hoarding house along with 38 other dogs (including her sister Margie) where she was being neglected and abused. She lives like a queen now with her pawrents Adam and Jennifer and her dog siblings. Follow her and her sister on instagram @margie_and_precious 

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About Us - Punk Pet Apparel - Margie Hairy

MARGIE HAIRY, Lead Creative Dogsigner

Looks can be deceiving. The side eye may lead you to think that Margie isn't friendly but she is the sweetest little girl. She loves to share all of her fashion ideas with the team here and she is constantly on top of fashion industry trends. When she is not sketching new designs for our shop, she can be found doing super beggies with her siblings and rolling over for deep chest rubs. Margie was rescued from a dog hoarding situation in Toronto where she was locked in a dark closet for 8 years. Now she lives like the punk rock queen that she is with her family in Ontario. Follow her and her sister on instagram @margie_and_precious 

To read a full blog about Margie & Precious' Success Story visit Coveted Canine Rescue's Blog here.

About Us - Punk Pet Apparel -  Hank Casserole

HANK CASSEROLE, Terriertory Sales Pup

Hank has the power of persuasion and that is why he heads up our sales efforts for Punk Pet Apparel all across North America and Worldwide. He may be blind, but his determination and ability to navigate his surroundings and a complicated contract negotiation is unmatched. Hank was rescued by Adam and Jennifer through a Toronto based rescue who had saved him from a puppy mill in Texas. Because he was blind he couldn't be sold for profit so he was left in a cage to die. When he arrived in Canada he was only 7 pounds but now he is a whopping 12 pound chonker and loves to eat, sing, dance and play with his pawrents and sisters. Follow Hank on instagram @hankcasserole